Busy April


The 2013 trials season is starting to kick off with the first two rounds of the Texas Trials Championship in Austin Texas this coming weekend. The rush is on to get all of the 2 day weekends on the calendar before the sweltering summer heat of Texas sets in. It’s time to get the sharpie out and mark your calendars.

April is going to be a busy month this year with three of the four weekends accommodating a trial. The first weekend of April, the NTTA will be hosting the opening rounds of the Central Regional Trials Championship at Red River Motorcycle Trails followed by the only bi-week of the month. On Saturday the 20th the Texas Trial Championship continues with rounds 5 and 6 at Twin Hills in Bridgeport Texas and the following weekend The Sooner Cup, rounds 3 and 4 of the Central Regional Trials Championship will be held in Tishomingo Oklahoma.

For those of you who have never participated in a Central Regional event before, you should try and make plans to attend these two trials, and if you play your cards right and put in a few good rides you may only have to travel to one more CRTC event to make it to the podium this year and represent your club and the state of Texas. The Central Regional Trials Championship Series is to provide riders with the opportunity to develop and measure their skills against riders from other clubs within the region.

List of of 2012 participants and winners that represented Texas clubs at the CRTC

Shawn Willis NTTA
2nd Amateur (10 events) 4 vintage 6 amateur

Willard Kelley NTTA
4th Sr Amateur (10 events)

Neil King CTTA
1st Intermediate (10 events)

Keith Lewis NTTA
3rd Intermediate (10 events)

Justin Dyess NTTA
2nd  Sr Expert (10 events)

Philip Ramirez NTTA
5th  Sr Expert (6 events)