NEW Jitsie Riding Gear


The popular trials brand Jitsie has been hard at work developing its new line of bicycle trials gear for the past year and we haven’t heard much out of their camp about any new mototrials apparel. But wait, just when you thought the brand had forgotten about its roots, images of the new gear began to surface.

This past weekend during the first rounds of the 2013 FIM Trials World Championships Jitsie geared up its pilots in their new duds. A few days before the opening round Jitsie Tweets ‘ Sneak preview of the Jitsie T2 Edge gear Tomoyuki Ogawa will be using this weekend…’ with a cropped picture of Ogawa’s jersey. Now that opening weekend is over and all the riders are headed home we get to scour the internet and find all the images of these guys wearing the latest and greatest designs by Jitsie. Actually scour isn’t the best word. I didn’t exactly have to do a thorough search. It was a lot easier than that. I just followed @Jitsiecom on twitter and pictures of the riders in the new gear streamed straight to my phone all weekend.

Now the next question is when can we start wearing the new gear….

Texas State Trials Championship Rnd 3-4

TSTC Round 3&4 Wrap Up

The third and 4th rounds of the 2013 Texas State Trials Championship wrapped up this last weekend at the Red River Motorcycle Trails near Bulcher Texas.  Sixty riders of all classes came out to ride on a beautiful Saturday. The hottest day of the year combined with a challenging trial by Ray and Glen Roblin tested the ability of every rider. Sunday welcomed fifty four riders that tested their skills on some areas of the Third Gate riding area that haven’t been ridden in years. Mark Hansen and Bob Duval laid out the ribbon for the 4th round of the series. The 3rd and 4th round of the Texas State Trials Championship combined a little bit of everything, from large steps and tricky off-chambers to deep sand and tight turns. A big thank you to the trialsmasters and all those who helped put on a great event.

Now it’s time to get ready for the NTTA to host the OPENING ROUND of the 2013 Central Regional Trials Championship on April 6th and 7th. Be sure to come out and test your skill against the best riders from Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.

VIEW Round 3&4 photo gallery HERE courtesy of Rebecca Duval

VIEW event results HERE

Texas Riding Areas

Find out about all the great trials riding areas across Texas. North Texas Trials Association members have some of the best riding withen 2 hours of the DFW area. Red River Motorcycle Trails is North of the DFW area near Muenster, TX and has hosted World round trials events along with the Red Bull Last Man Standing. Twin Hills is another great riding area with World round capabilities located near Bridgeport, TX. Another great place to ride is Tishomingo, OK just across the Red River, North of Lake Texoma. Tish has hosted National and World trials events throughout the past 30 years.

Outside of the surrounding DFW area Texas offers amazing trials riding areas with unbelievable changes in landscape. Travel to West Texas to ride Texana Ranch where you share thousands of acres with rock crawlers, baja trucks and atv’s. Head South to Saledo or Austin’s  Emma Long City Park to ride the white rock ledges and slippery pebles. If you’ve had enough fun on the rocks, then travel towards the coast to Houston’s legendary Rio Bravo Motorcycle park and try your skill on the challenging dirt off chambers and slick roots along the bayou. Don’t forget your big bike, because Rio Bravo MX park has a day and night motocross track along with miles of cross country trails.

Red River
Texana Ranch
Rio Bravo

Oldschool Trials

It’s not Instagram® its just Oldschool! Have a look through some amazing vintage trials photographs from National and World rounds taken throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Keep an eye out for some of your trials heroes like Mick Andrews, Martin Lampkin, Bernie Schreiber, Debbie Evans and Thierry Michaud. For those of you in the Central United States you may even recognize someone that sets across from you at your local club meetings like Tom Batchelor, Dale Malasek and Rick Land.

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