Central Regional Trials Championship


2013 CRTC Schedule

Best 7 of 12 rounds counts towards series points

Rounds 1&2

April 6-7
Muenster, TX
Hosted by: NTTA

Rounds 3&4

April 27-28
Tishomingo, OK
Hosted by: TXTC

Rounds 5&6

May 4-5
Nehawka, NE
Hosted by: MWTA

Rounds 7&8

September 14-15
Trenton, MO
Hosted by: MATT

Rounds 9&10

Sept 28-29
Peru, KS
Hosted by: AVTA

Rounds 11&12

Oct 19-20
Braggs, OK
Hosted by: NEOTT

The CENTRAL REGIONAL TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIP series is open to all riders ranked Rookie and above.  Series entry fee is $20.00. Entry fee must be received before any CRTC Championship points may be earned.  Events ridden prior to payment of entry fee will not be counted in the series points.  Classes are Rookie, Novice, Amateur, Sr. Amateur, Intermediate, Sr. Expert, Expert and Master.

Rules for scoring are to be the same as observed by the NATC.  Time limits will be controlled by hosting clubs.


Below is a letter from Jason Carpenter.

With much anticipation, the 2013 Central Regional Trials Championship schedule is finalized and raring to go.  I would like first to congratulate and thank all the class winners and participants of the 2012 CRTC.  We had a boost in series entries last year and some of the classes came right down to the wire.  The Amateur class had to be decided after consulting the rulebook for breaking the tie.  I look for 2013 to be another big year for the series as (unlike the collegiate Big 12) we are now a full 12 round series.  The CRTC would like to welcome the MWTA out of Nehawka, NE as the sixth member club in the series.  So we will have 3 two days in the spring and 3 in the fall.  The series will count the best of 7 events so if you have a bad day, not to worry.  The series entry will remain at $20.  Proceeds go to series year end awards (maybe embroidered banana hammocks this year?).  I also wanted to announce for those who don’t know that this will be my last year as series coordinator.  Hopefully in my brief 5 year stint, I have been able to enhance the series and make it more enjoyable for everyone.  Keith Lewis from Texas has graciously offered to head up the series next year.  Thanks Keith!!!  I have included the 2013 entry form for those wishing to pre-enter the series and avoid the endless lines at the events.  I want to take this time to thank our corporate sponsor Gas Gas USA for the support over the years and for the support of long time enthusiast Jim Westcott who often goes above and beyond despite not being able to make many rounds.  It is very much appreciated.

Jason Carpenter

The American Dream Trip

The American Dream Trip

Karl Davis Jr. and Bryan Roper are ready to take on the world! The American Dream is a collaboration between Davis and Roper to raise money for the two riders to compete in the 2014 FIM World Trials Championship. Both riders will be promoting riding schools, shows, accepting donations, and searching for sponsors to help funding for the trip around the world.

The two riders are currently sponsored by Ryan Young Products, Sherco, Maxima Racing Oils and AIRes. Could your company be the next logo to go on their jerseys? Competing in the world championship can be very costly and the niche sport of trials doesn’t bring in the huge endorsements of companies like professional motocross teams, but through the power of the web and social media these two young riders are reaching out to everyone  that may be willing to help out.

If you would like to donate or just follow this virtual journey, check out “The American Dream” website or social media pages.


Follow Karl and Bryan:

Follow Karl on Twitter:

Busy April


The 2013 trials season is starting to kick off with the first two rounds of the Texas Trials Championship in Austin Texas this coming weekend. The rush is on to get all of the 2 day weekends on the calendar before the sweltering summer heat of Texas sets in. It’s time to get the sharpie out and mark your calendars.

April is going to be a busy month this year with three of the four weekends accommodating a trial. The first weekend of April, the NTTA will be hosting the opening rounds of the Central Regional Trials Championship at Red River Motorcycle Trails followed by the only bi-week of the month. On Saturday the 20th the Texas Trial Championship continues with rounds 5 and 6 at Twin Hills in Bridgeport Texas and the following weekend The Sooner Cup, rounds 3 and 4 of the Central Regional Trials Championship will be held in Tishomingo Oklahoma.

For those of you who have never participated in a Central Regional event before, you should try and make plans to attend these two trials, and if you play your cards right and put in a few good rides you may only have to travel to one more CRTC event to make it to the podium this year and represent your club and the state of Texas. The Central Regional Trials Championship Series is to provide riders with the opportunity to develop and measure their skills against riders from other clubs within the region.

List of of 2012 participants and winners that represented Texas clubs at the CRTC

Shawn Willis NTTA
2nd Amateur (10 events) 4 vintage 6 amateur

Willard Kelley NTTA
4th Sr Amateur (10 events)

Neil King CTTA
1st Intermediate (10 events)

Keith Lewis NTTA
3rd Intermediate (10 events)

Justin Dyess NTTA
2nd  Sr Expert (10 events)

Philip Ramirez NTTA
5th  Sr Expert (6 events)





Novice/Presidents Cup

On January 5th the 34th annual Novice Cup was held at Red River Motorcycle Trails. This premier and historical event has long time been organized by Tom Batchelor of Mototrialsport and is intended to celebrate the area’s top amateur rider with the Novice Cup. This years event was organized by the NTTA and Keith Lewis in the absence of Tom Batchelor while he recovered from knee surgery. In keeping with Novice Cup tradition, on Saturday the traditional afternoon classes rode in the morning and the traditional morning classes were featured in the afternoon time slot.

On Saturday afternoon eight riders set off to compete for the cup. After 3 loops of 8 sections Daniel Hunt turned in the lowest scorecard of the day with 12 dabs. In second place Shawn Willis turned in 21 dabs with Micheal Glasscock in third setting on 27 dabs. After all riders completed the regular event 7 riders set off to the 3 exhibition sections to ride each section consecutively to determine the final standings. Each section was deceivingly difficult, which made for an entertaining exhibition as each rider fought to try and get a clean ride on each section.

After all 7 riders finished three rides on Section one, no one could get through with a clean card. On section 2 all the riders struggled with a tight right hand off camber turn downhill in the loose rocks except for Daniel Hunt who managed to clean the turn twice only to fall short of a clean on the uphill climb out of the section.

On the last exhibition section of the day every rider continued to work towards a clean ride while struggling with a left hand turn up and out of a rocky incline to make the exit gate on the section. The peculiar turn took point after point throughout the final rides until Shawn Willis managed to keep his feet on the pegs on his last ride of the day for the only clean in the exhibition rounds.

After all exhibition sections were ridden Micheal Glasscock dropped 16, Shawn Willis dropped 17 and Daniel Hunt dropped 20 points but had enough to keep his first place podium with 32. Shawn Willis finished 2nd with 38 and Micheal Glasscock took 3rd with 43 points.

CLICK HERE to view results from Novice/Presidents Cup weekend.

Stay posted for an article about the Presidents Cup results.

Special thanks to Forma Productions for the great photographs from the Novice/Presidents Cup. To view the entire gallery and purchase prints from this event CLICK HERE

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Texas Riding Areas

Find out about all the great trials riding areas across Texas. North Texas Trials Association members have some of the best riding withen 2 hours of the DFW area. Red River Motorcycle Trails is North of the DFW area near Muenster, TX and has hosted World round trials events along with the Red Bull Last Man Standing. Twin Hills is another great riding area with World round capabilities located near Bridgeport, TX. Another great place to ride is Tishomingo, OK just across the Red River, North of Lake Texoma. Tish has hosted National and World trials events throughout the past 30 years.

Outside of the surrounding DFW area Texas offers amazing trials riding areas with unbelievable changes in landscape. Travel to West Texas to ride Texana Ranch where you share thousands of acres with rock crawlers, baja trucks and atv’s. Head South to Saledo or Austin’s  Emma Long City Park to ride the white rock ledges and slippery pebles. If you’ve had enough fun on the rocks, then travel towards the coast to Houston’s legendary Rio Bravo Motorcycle park and try your skill on the challenging dirt off chambers and slick roots along the bayou. Don’t forget your big bike, because Rio Bravo MX park has a day and night motocross track along with miles of cross country trails.

Red River
Texana Ranch
Rio Bravo

FIM Trials Championship

The FIM Trials Championship returns to the United States in 2013. This years US world round will be the first time the World Trials Championship has come to the states since 2008. The 2013 Wagner Cup is scheduled for May 25-26th in Sequatchie, Tennessee.

Make plans now to visit the Trials Training Center and see Six-Time World Champion Toni Bou, Adam Raga, Takahisa Fujinami and American riders Pat Smage and Cody Webb.

For more information visit www.trialstrainingcenter.com