The American Dream Trip

The American Dream Trip

Karl Davis Jr. and Bryan Roper are ready to take on the world! The American Dream is a collaboration between Davis and Roper to raise money for the two riders to compete in the 2014 FIM World Trials Championship. Both riders will be promoting riding schools, shows, accepting donations, and searching for sponsors to help funding for the trip around the world.

The two riders are currently sponsored by Ryan Young Products, Sherco, Maxima Racing Oils and AIRes. Could your company be the next logo to go on their jerseys? Competing in the world championship can be very costly and the niche sport of trials doesn’t bring in the huge endorsements of companies like professional motocross teams, but through the power of the web and social media these two young riders are reaching out to everyone  that may be willing to help out.

If you would like to donate or just follow this virtual journey, check out “The American Dream” website or social media pages.


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