Central Regional Trials Championship


2013 CRTC Schedule

Best 7 of 12 rounds counts towards series points

Rounds 1&2

April 6-7
Muenster, TX
Hosted by: NTTA

Rounds 3&4

April 27-28
Tishomingo, OK
Hosted by: TXTC

Rounds 5&6

May 4-5
Nehawka, NE
Hosted by: MWTA

Rounds 7&8

September 14-15
Trenton, MO
Hosted by: MATT

Rounds 9&10

Sept 28-29
Peru, KS
Hosted by: AVTA

Rounds 11&12

Oct 19-20
Braggs, OK
Hosted by: NEOTT

The CENTRAL REGIONAL TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIP series is open to all riders ranked Rookie and above.  Series entry fee is $20.00. Entry fee must be received before any CRTC Championship points may be earned.  Events ridden prior to payment of entry fee will not be counted in the series points.  Classes are Rookie, Novice, Amateur, Sr. Amateur, Intermediate, Sr. Expert, Expert and Master.

Rules for scoring are to be the same as observed by the NATC.  Time limits will be controlled by hosting clubs.


Below is a letter from Jason Carpenter.

With much anticipation, the 2013 Central Regional Trials Championship schedule is finalized and raring to go.  I would like first to congratulate and thank all the class winners and participants of the 2012 CRTC.  We had a boost in series entries last year and some of the classes came right down to the wire.  The Amateur class had to be decided after consulting the rulebook for breaking the tie.  I look for 2013 to be another big year for the series as (unlike the collegiate Big 12) we are now a full 12 round series.  The CRTC would like to welcome the MWTA out of Nehawka, NE as the sixth member club in the series.  So we will have 3 two days in the spring and 3 in the fall.  The series will count the best of 7 events so if you have a bad day, not to worry.  The series entry will remain at $20.  Proceeds go to series year end awards (maybe embroidered banana hammocks this year?).  I also wanted to announce for those who don’t know that this will be my last year as series coordinator.  Hopefully in my brief 5 year stint, I have been able to enhance the series and make it more enjoyable for everyone.  Keith Lewis from Texas has graciously offered to head up the series next year.  Thanks Keith!!!  I have included the 2013 entry form for those wishing to pre-enter the series and avoid the endless lines at the events.  I want to take this time to thank our corporate sponsor Gas Gas USA for the support over the years and for the support of long time enthusiast Jim Westcott who often goes above and beyond despite not being able to make many rounds.  It is very much appreciated.

Jason Carpenter