FIM Trial World Championship JAPAN

This past weekend the FIM Trial World Championship kicked off in Japan with the new NO-STOP rule. Many of the riders have voiced their frustrations with the new rules in post race interviews this week. On the other hand there are many riders that are using the new rule to their advantage and with smooth fluent riding have climbed the ladder to set high on the podium. I was curious to see how the observers did at the opening round, so I started my search on the inter-web.

There is not a lot of video posted yet, but I found a spectator who posted 50 or so videos from the two day event. It was very interesting to see how the riders twisted the rules as much as possible to make it look like they were keeping forward momentum. I do have to say that it is kind of fun to watch the more continues action, but I’m still trying to figure out how flipping the bike 180 degrees is considered a forward motion.