Novice/Presidents Cup

On January 5th the 34th annual Novice Cup was held at Red River Motorcycle Trails. This premier and historical event has long time been organized by Tom Batchelor of Mototrialsport and is intended to celebrate the area’s top amateur rider with the Novice Cup. This years event was organized by the NTTA and Keith Lewis in the absence of Tom Batchelor while he recovered from knee surgery. In keeping with Novice Cup tradition, on Saturday the traditional afternoon classes rode in the morning and the traditional morning classes were featured in the afternoon time slot.

On Saturday afternoon eight riders set off to compete for the cup. After 3 loops of 8 sections Daniel Hunt turned in the lowest scorecard of the day with 12 dabs. In second place Shawn Willis turned in 21 dabs with Micheal Glasscock in third setting on 27 dabs. After all riders completed the regular event 7 riders set off to the 3 exhibition sections to ride each section consecutively to determine the final standings. Each section was deceivingly difficult, which made for an entertaining exhibition as each rider fought to try and get a clean ride on each section.

After all 7 riders finished three rides on Section one, no one could get through with a clean card. On section 2 all the riders struggled with a tight right hand off camber turn downhill in the loose rocks except for Daniel Hunt who managed to clean the turn twice only to fall short of a clean on the uphill climb out of the section.

On the last exhibition section of the day every rider continued to work towards a clean ride while struggling with a left hand turn up and out of a rocky incline to make the exit gate on the section. The peculiar turn took point after point throughout the final rides until Shawn Willis managed to keep his feet on the pegs on his last ride of the day for the only clean in the exhibition rounds.

After all exhibition sections were ridden Micheal Glasscock dropped 16, Shawn Willis dropped 17 and Daniel Hunt dropped 20 points but had enough to keep his first place podium with 32. Shawn Willis finished 2nd with 38 and Micheal Glasscock took 3rd with 43 points.

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