Club byLaws

a. The Club

Article 1: The Club shall be known as the North Texas Trials Association (NTTA)

  1. Purpose:
    1. The purpose of the NTTA is to promote the sport of motorcycle Observed Trials. The NTTA will promote the sport in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to: hosting Observed Trials competition events, Observed Trials demonstrations, and Observed Trials schools. The NTTA hosts one or more rounds of the Texas State Trials Championship and the Central Regional Championship annually. The NTTA hosts AMA/NATC National Competitions. The NTTA also hosts series events in conjunction with other Trials Clubs and local non-series (play day) events.
  2. Code of Ethics:
    1. The NTTA shall actively pursue, promote, and protect the interests of motorcycle Observed Trials participants, enthusiasts, and of all motorcyclists.
    2. The NTTA shall strive to promote good public relations through its general conduct and through the conduct of its members as they relate to the media, and as they participate in club activities and community affairs. The NTTA shall strive to promote cooperative coexistence with other motorcycle clubs and organizations.
    3. All formal AMA sanctioned activity will be conducted in accordance with all current rules and guidelines set forth in existing AMA/NATC rulebooks with the exception of State and/or Club sanctioned changes.
    4. Informal Club activities should be conducted according to the spirit of this Code of Ethics both within the motorcycling community and the community at large.
  3. Community Service:
    1. The NTTA shall pursue “good will” opportunities, (example: Trials Schools) to give back to the motorcycling community and the community at large.
    2. The NTTA shall seek to perform activities, such as trail maintenance and park clean up, in conjunction with any park or area where they may ride.
b. Membership

Article 2: NTTA recognizes the following types of membership: Individual, Lifetime and Family.

Article 3: Active members shall be dues paying riders of Observed Trials motorcycles, persons actively concerned with the promotion of the sport of motorcycle Observed Trials or motorcycle Observed Trials enthusiasts.

Article 4: In order to be “in good standing” active members must be current with their dues, attend 2 meetings, and participate (by serving as a Trialsmaster, Assistant Trialsmaster, Observer, or competing) in 3 events, during the previous 12 months. NTTA members must support the NTTA at NTTA events and activities.

Article 5: Only active members “in good standing” are entitled to a vote in club affairs.

c. Club Officers

Article 6: The Executive Board of the NTTA shall consist of the following Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, and Competition Director.
Article 7: Duties of the President shall be:

  1. To preside at all meetings of the club. The President must be present during all Club voting transactions.
  2. To have general supervision of the affairs of the club;
  3. To appoint any person or committee not otherwise ordered by the club;
  4. To personally represent the club on proper occasions and in business contacts
  5. To assist all other officers of the club in their records, correspondence and other duties
  6. To promote interest on the part of each member in club life and activities
  7. To monitor local and state legislative activities affecting trials or motorcycle land use, and bring these items to the attention of the Club as necessary.
  8. To communicate in the event of an AMA event with the district legislative officer or AMA Congress delegate any of the legislative activities identified
  9. To work with the district, AMA Congress delegates and AMA Government Relations Department to promote programs and legislation that will benefit trials
  10. To assign delegates as needed to ensure the completion of duties.
  11. To prepare an agenda for all regular NTTA club meetings indicating the topics of discussion for that meeting.
  12. To serve as the NTTA Club representative to the Texas Trials Council for the annual conference call regarding the Texas State Series Championship.

Article 8: Duties of the Vice President shall be:

  1. To perform the duties of the President in his absence.

Article 9: Duties of the Newsletter Editor shall be:

  1. To advertise all events by internet newsletter
  2. To send out notices of regular or special meetings
  3. To help increase awareness of the sport of Observed Trials

Article 10: Duties of the Secretary shall be:

  1. To keep a record of the meetings of the club
  2. To handle club correspondence
  3. To maintain a roster of all club members (must record # of years in membership).
  4. To make the current Membership Roster available to each Trialsmaster before event sign-ups occur

Article 11: Duties of the Treasurer shall be:

  1. To collect dues from all members;
  2. To collect all other money due the club;
  3. To maintain club financial records and deliver reports on a timely basis.
  4. To issue checks upon receipt of approved check request form to pay for supplies, awards, or to reimburse for food served at premier events.
  5. To pay Trialsmaster fees within 30 days of the end of the scheduled event.

Article 12: Duties of the Competition Director shall be:

  1. To plan all club events, coordinating with the respective organizing entities;
  2. To stimulate interest in club events and activities;
  3. To enforce all rules at competitions and events;
  4. To select assistants to aid in specials tasks or events;
  5. To nominate Trials Masters for all NTTA trials events including premier events such as State, National and Regional events.
  6. To have general supervision over sanctions competitions and events promoted by the club;
  7. To ensure that all equipment and materials owned by the NTTA are operational and safe;
  8. To ensure materials needed to produce events are available at those events;
  9. To research purchasing of equipment and materials needed and to present recommendations for equipment and materials to the executive board.

Article 13: The NTTA Executive Board will appoint an NATC Representative to serve a term of (3) years. There shall be a limit of (2) consecutive terms. The members of NTTA in good standing may lobby members of the Executive Board for the NTTA member candidate of their choice. The appointed representative shall attend and participate in the annual NATC meeting and maintain a current Risk Management Certificate with the AMA. The NATC Representative shall provide a detailed report at the next scheduled monthly club meeting and a newsletter ready report to the Newsletter Editor to publish in the monthly newsletter.

Article 14: All elective offices shall be filled at an election to be held at the September meeting of each year. The office of President may only be held by a member who has previously held another NTTA office. Nominations will be accepted for all offices at the August meeting prior. Votes will be accepted by members present at the September meeting.

Proxy voting for any or all Club Officer position is allowed for Club Elections. The proxy vote must be submitted to the current Club Secretary in a sealed envelope prior to the Election night meeting (personally delivered or mailed).

All officers shall hold offices for one year. Should a vacancy occur during an elected Officer’s term, that vacancy shall be filled from the NTTA membership in good standing by appointment from the Executive Board. The appointed member shall fill the vacancy until the next general election in September.

Article 15: The regular meeting of the club will be held monthly on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. EXCEPTION: those months in which the NTTA will host a 2-day event on a weekend following a regularly scheduled meeting, such as a Central Regional, State Series, Novice Cup/President’s Cup, etc. That meeting shall be held on the following Thursday. No NTTA Club meetings are scheduled for the months of December or July. Executive Board meetings can be called at the discretion of the President or Vice President at any time with a minimum advance notice of 48 hrs.

Article 16: This constitution may be amended, providing the amendment is submitted in writing at a regular monthly meeting. It shall then be announced to the membership before the next monthly meeting via the minutes and newsletter. There must be at least 8 voting members present to address amendments to the Constitution. A 2/3 vote of all voting
members present shall be required to pass an amendment to the constitution.

NTTA Bylaws

Number 1: Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the parliamentary proceedings of the club unless otherwise provided by these bylaws. The order of business shall be:

  1. Noting of attendance
  2. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting
  3. Report of Treasurer
  4. Special committee reports
  5. Old business
  6. New business
  7. Meeting adjourned

Number 2: The Executive Board may, at any time, convene a Special Committee for any purpose. This Special Committee may consist of any number of Club Members, or may consist of Club Members who possess unique skills or abilities as recognized by the Executive Board. For example the Executive Board may appoint a Special Committee to supervise a Premier two day trials event such as a Central Regional, State Series event, National competitions, or World Round competitions. Events of this size may be beyond the scope of a traditional Trialsmaster and Assistant Trialsmaster. Other examples may include to send a delegation to any annual NATC meeting held in the DFW area or elsewhere, coordination of Club Christmas Parties, and Club Picnics, etc.

Number 3: All NTTA events shall follow AMA/NATC rules for Observed Trials regarding scoring of theevent.

Number 4: NTTA will pay a Trialsmaster at the rate of $50 per event day, (not per preparation day) and not to exceed $100.00 for a 2-day event, unless the balance of the club treasury falls below $1,000 prior to the event at which time Trialsmaster fees shall be suspended until club funds can provide. The Trialsmasters and Assistants shall be determined from the NTTA membership roster. Volunteers shall be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Should there be no ready volunteers, the Trialsmaster and Assistant Trialsmaster shall be appointed by the Competition Director or the President or Vice-President.

The duties of the Trialsmaster shall include but not be limited to:

  1. Decide where the event shall be held. Notify the landowner to obtain permission and provide this information to the NTTA Newsletter Editor before the 15th day of the month prior to the month scheduled for the said event
  2. Obtain the supply box from the Competition director and keep it in good order. Use the designated loop and section markers, split markers, section marking tape, score cards, entry blanks and tally sheets as provided by the Club.
  3. Design the loop and sections and clear the area to be ridden by the competitors. Design of the loop should not be too difficult or hazardous and the sections should be Class appropriate, safe, and should follow guidelines contained in the AMA/NATC rule book.
  4. Delegate an assistant to serve as the Sign-up coordinator at the beginning of the event to insure that all riders sign the proper entry forms, and have paid the appropriate registration and land use fees, and collect any Club dues if applicable.
  5. Forward the Trials results, and the Morning (AM) and Afternoon (PM) observer list to the Newsletter Editor or designee, at the close of the event.
  6. Forward the sign-up sheets, land use waivers (if any), and all collected fees to the Club Treasurer or designee, within 7 days of the close of the event. Collected fees should balance with the number of entrants.
  7. The Trialsmaster and Assistant Trialsmaster are prohibited from competing in their hosted event. EXCEPTION: (when the Trialsmaster or Assistant Trialsmaster is a part of a “points earning” Championship Series and a “points averaging” option is not available. For this purpose, the Trialsmaster and or Assistant Trialsmaster, must not “test ride” any of the sections that are to be used in the event.)
  8. Payment of the Trialsmaster is dependant on following the guidelines as listed above. The Trialsmaster’s authority does not include the waiving of any entry fees or land use fees for anyone.

The duties of the Assistant Trialsmaster shall be to assist the Trialsmaster, inclusive of any or all of the duties as explained above.

Number 5: Membership Types & Fees

  1. Individual membership: Individual status shall be granted to any active member in good standing. Each individual membership “in good standing” is entitled to one vote in club affairs. Minimum age required for membership is 18 years old. Club dues for an Individual membership will be $25.00 per year.
  2. Lifetime Membership: Lifetime status shall be granted to any active individual member that has paid dues for 20 years. Lifetime members are exempt from yearly club dues. Lifetime members “in good standing” have the same rights as active members in club affairs. Lifetime memberships can be purchased at 80% of the current cost of a 20-year membership. • (example: the current annual membership is $25.00 X 20yrs = $500.00 x 80% = $400.00) • Should a NTTA Club member currently paying dues under Family Membership, achieve the status of “Lifetime Membership”, a supplementary fee (difference between an Individual and Family Membership dues) shall be paid to maintain the Family Membership.
  3. Family Membership: A family membership shall be made available for the dependents of an active member. Any number of dependents may become NTTA members via payment of a family membership fee. The dues for a Family Membership are $30.00 per year. Dependents and spouses of an active member that are members of the NTTA via a family membership do not have voting privileges. EXCEPTION: if a spouse is a member of the Executive Board, he or she will be entitled to one vote.

a. Executive Board members are entitled to one vote each with the exception of the President, who shall vote only in order to break a tie.
b. Only one vote for each paid individual or family membership.
c. If a member has a spouse on the board, that family would be allowed a maximum of two votes.

Number 6: Upon initial payment of dues, the applicant becomes a “member candidate”. Upon achieving the status of “in good standing” (see Article 4), the member is then entitled to all privileges and responsibilities of the club, including:

  1. Ensuring the safety of all at the NTTA competitions and events
  2. Voting at NTTA meetings
  3. Following the NTTA’s Code of Ethics
  4. Representing the NTTA in a sportsman like behavior
  5. Participating in and/or assisting with NTTA events/activities, agreeing to participation as a Trialsmaster or Assistant Trialsmaster at least once annually, and serving as an observer (judge) at all NTTA events when called upon to do so.
  6. Adhering to all rules as set forth by the Competition Director at the NTTA hosted competitions and events.

Number 7: The dues for each year shall be paid at or before the annual September club meeting. Dues paid by new member candidates will be pro-rated, depending on the time of year that the new member is accepted.

Number 8: A member may be expelled from membership for conduct unbecoming a member of the NTTA. Charges must first be made in writing and the accused member given a hearing before the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall take evidence and report its findings to the Club with the recommendation that the charges be considered proven and the accused member be expelled, or that the charges be considered not proven and the accused to remain a member of the Club. The Club shall then vote whether the recommendation of the Executive Board shall be adopted. A two-thirds vote of the active members present in good standing shall be required to veto the recommendation of the Executive Board.

Number 9: Prior to each regular NTTA Club meeting, the President shall distribute the agenda to the Board members. A quorum of 2/3 of the Board members, in good standing, must be present for the transaction of Club business.