Sidi Zero Trials Boots

Sidi: Sidi is an Italian based footwear manufacturer that has specialized in off-road and on-road motorcycle footwear for over 50 years. The Sidi Discovery Rain has been a popular off-road boot for many years and is the predecessor to new Trial Zero boot.

The Sidi Trial Zero boots are specifically designed for trials but have a very similar build to the Sidi Discovery Rain boots.  The two boots are made on the same last, but have differences that set them apart.  The Trial Zero boot does not come in waterproof.  The Zero also has a closer fit through the ankle and calf for a snugger fit.  Lastly, the Trial Zero boots do not have the shifter pad or metal toe kick.

The Trials Zero boot comes in white and black, but is only available state side in black. The Zero boot comes with a soft rubber sole, replaceable cam lock buckle system, removable arch support, cambrelle lining and soft suede inner calf padding.

The Sidi Trial Zero goes for $335 at most retailers, but we found the boot for  $276 at FreestyleExtreme in the UK and shipping to the US is only $9.99. FreestyleExtreme also says shipping to the US takes 3-10 working days.